Major update to Time Travelin’ Zombies!

We’ve just released a major update to our Time Travelin’ Zombies co-op multiplayer game!

  • New killstreak system giving you heavy weaponry for a short time.
  • New banging soundtrack playing when the killstreak is active.
  • Faster gameplay loop! The boss is now on the 4th round.
  • Never go back! After defeating the boss round you can buy weapons and cosmetics in the arena instead of going back.
  • Smaller arenas! The biggest arenas have been reduced to keep the fighting closer and faster.
Killstreak means more power and a sparkly gun!

Get in and start blastin’! And don’t forget to invite your friends. It’s a co-op shooter, after all! Splattin’ zombie hordes is much more fun with a buddy.

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