Coming soon: Time Travelling Zombies

We’re very excited to announce our new in-house developed game, Time Travelling Zombies!

It is a multiplayer shooting game where you work together with your fellow players to defend the Earth from a zombie outbreak.

Players will be fighting these moaning monstrosities in a variety of arenas, and eventually face off against the big hulking boss monster zombie.

Along the way, you can upgrade your weapons and your outfits using in-game currency that you accumulate by defeating zombies. The rounds get progressively more difficult, but the longer you can last, the more bad-ass you’ll feel!

The story

In an alternative dimension humankind have invented time travel. Unfortunately, they did so right as a Zombie Apocalypse broke out. The research facility that contained the time machine was overrun and now zombies are appearing all over the timeline in different eras.

In a last attempt to save the timeline and ultimately all of humankind (both past and present) humanity created the temporal space station. From here, you, the player, embark on dangerous missions into the past and future to cleanse the zombie infestation.


What can you do in the game?

  • Jump through the portal at the temporal space station and experience a specific location in time. Maybe it’s the Viking era, feudal Japan, or the Middle Ages.
  • Defeat as many zombies as you can and do your best to survive.
  • Defeating zombies earns you currency that you may spend at the space station.
  • Purchase new weapons that enables new playstyles.
  • Fight against epic bosses that will truly challenge your zombie killing abilities.
  • Go through as many rounds as you can with your team. Each round will be more difficult.

The game also features a new shop mechanic that heralds a new age of in-game customizations and how transactions work in CREY. We think our builder community will be very excited to hear that these features will soon be rolled out to everyone so they can start implementing them in their own games.

What does the future hold for TTZ?

TTZ is a living game and will be updated continuously. The release is just the first iteration. New and exciting features will be coming to the game periodically.

While not an exhaustive list, and certainly not anything we want to promise 100%, these are the thoughts the team have for future iterations of the game:

  • More bosses!
  • More arenas!
  • More weapons!
  • Character customization!
  • Community events and challenges!
  • New mechanics and systems that are chosen for development together with the community.

Let us know what you think

What are your thoughts about this new game? We’re really interested in hearing from you!

Join the CREY Discord and chat about the game in our new #time-travelling-zombies channel.

You can also go to our subreddit, r/crey, and talk about the game. We’ll be posting new features and announcements there as well!

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