Show off your skills and your wits to win $1000!

This is Teddy.

Teddy has a gun.

Teddy likes to show off his marksmanship skills at the local shooting gallery. But he also likes solving word puzzles.

Lucky for him, he’ll get to do both in this week’s challenge! Step into the furry shoes of Teddy (which will be easy; he never wears them) and blast away in Target Shot – Challenge Edition!

How do I win?

Well, you need to play the game.

Every time you win 5000 points or more, you get a letter. The letter is random every time, so you will have to play several times to get all the letters. There are 9 letters in total.

The letters form a word. There are no two same letters in the word, and it is a common English word.

However, since the letters are shown to you randomly, you might get the same letter twice. In which case you’ll just have to play again.

Once you’ve got all the 9 letters, all you have to do is unscramble the letters — that is, put them in the correct order — and find the winning password.

Send that winning password to our community manager Frost, and he will pick a random winner (everything is random these days) from the first 5 people who get the right answer!

You must send the password via email! Do not write it on the Discord, do not post it on Reddit, do not strap a handwritten note to a pigeon and shove it off a roof. Email only!

If we see the password anywhere public, we’re calling the whole thing off. Play fair and everyone gets to have fun.

Also, you only get one guess! No twosies. No “I meant to say…”. One guess! So make it count!

Go, Teddy, go!

When does the challenge start/end?

The challenge starts Monday, May 2nd at the time of this blog post’s release.

It ends on Monday, May 9th at 15:00 CEST.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, we will draw a winner from the first 5 people who got the right password live on our Discord at 12:00 CEST.

What about glitches/exploits/bugs/etc.?

It’s no secret that we’ve had a lot of trouble with people finding undiscovered bugs and glitches in previous challenges, which has led to some very unhappy times in our community. No one wants an unhappy community. We want to have fun, build cool stuff, and keep as many happy players as possible.

So this time we’ve made sure that your score doesn’t matter. You may as well not bother with the leaderboard. The only thing we care about is the password.

How do I claim my prize?

For the minor inconvenience that is the $1000 prize, we need the following information (if you’re a non-Danish citizen):

  • Your bank’s name
  • Your own full name and address
  • IBAN no.
  • SWIFT code
  • A photo of yourself wearing a cowboy hat*

* (just kidding, we don’t actually need that… unless you really want to send us one)

Credit where credit is due

The Challenge Edition is based on the wonderful original game by Zivo. You can play that here.

Boring rules

To participate in this challenge, you must:

a) Be 13 years or older.

b) Have read and agreed to the avalanche of legal vomit we call Terms & Conditions.

c) Own a cowboy hat.*

* (again, we’re kidding… or are we?)

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