jordo97 Wins Builder Challenge

Remix the Game 2 challenge has ended. And with an impressive expansion to the Challenge Box, the winner of the builder challenge is jordo97. Congratulations on winning 300 gold, which can be used to purchase an avatar from the Marketplace.

The Winning Game

jordo97’s Remix2 Game expanded a lot on the challenge box. Different islands were added along with lighting and new environment as well. Try the game here.

Honorable Mention

ttking also built a great game! A completely different take on the builder box and remix into a beautiful world with shops. Give the awesome game a try here.

New Builder Challenge Coming Soon

Go to the CHALLENGE section to check out when the next Builder Challenge will begin.

CREY Games

ChisleLP wins Mini Game Builder Challenge

Congratulations to ChisleLP on winning the Mini Game Builder Challenge with the game Keep Balance It! The game is a classic balancing setup, where your mission is to see how many objects you can manage on a plank. The current #1 on the leaderboard for Keep Balance It! is the player omm with a score of 19!

ChisleLP takes away 10000 gold, which can be used to purchase asset packs.

Balance the objects falling down from the sky

Recap From the Mini Game Builder Challenge

The next builder challenge will be announced this month. Stay tuned.

CREY Games