New Game Templates Available

Just started building in CREY? Try one of the new game templates available. You can find them all in the TEMPLATE section. These are the first of many new templates we aim to release this year. Hopefully it inspires, helps and ends with releases of games.

The 3 New Templates

The 3 new templates each represent a game genre. The first one is an Arena Shooter template. This should help you get started building. And you can, of course, change anything you want.

The second template is the Platformer template. You can start building a 3rd person platform game using this game template.

The third template is the 2D Platformer template. A side-scrolling adventure setup to help you get started.

What Templates Do You Need?

Please let us know what game templates you would like us to provide in CREY. Join us on Discord and use the feedback channel or drop your feedback for new templates in the Trello board for builders. We look forward to reading your ideas.

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