Meet the Builder: TheCreyator

TheCreyator aka Brendan is a 22-year-old game designer living in the USA. He started using CREY to create back in April 2020 and has been hooked ever since.

The more you design and build the better and better you will get.” – TheCreyator

How and why did you start building and creating games? What inspired you?

I’ve always loved creating, building, and drawing. Legos were a favorite toy growing up, and eventually I moved onto video games. Games like Minecraft really were my jam, but I always wanted more freedom. Typical game design engines were pretty confusing and I would get really frustrated and give up. I randomly found CREY one day and decided to download it, and I immediately spent about 12 hours designing my first game.

In-game screenshot

Where and how do you get ideas for new projects?

I get a lot of inspiration from fantasy art, I’ll go on Pinterest or Instagram and look at the work of some artists who create amazing fantasy landscapes. I also draw a ton of inspiration from other games I’ve played. Some of my favorites have been Control, Elder Scrolls, Alan Wake, and Witcher III.

What is your favorite game you have created in CREY?

My current big project. I’m still trying to come up with a name for it. It’s a walking sim/puzzle game with heavy emphasis on exploration and level design. You are an explorer who gets into a shipwreck and lands on a mysterious island. Throughout the game you get to experience several cool environments and solve puzzles! I’m very excited to continue developing this!

In-game screenshot

What are your favorite things about CREY and its community?

It’s a very diverse group of people in our community, and I’ve seen so many awesome game and concept designs on the Discord form! I can’t wait for CREY to get bigger!!

Can you share a few tips and tricks with other game builders at CREY on how to get started?

Try everything even if you don’t understand it. CREY is very user friendly and very beginner friendly. The more you design and build the better and better you will get. Also, utilize the boxing system and save your boxes. It’s an amazing way to save time, design efficiently, and create amazing games!

In-game recording

Are there any exciting new projects you are working on at the moment?

Yes! My Halloween game, called the Haunted Crypt! It’s another exploration style game, with a very dark and spooky atmosphere! I am working very hard to release it!

In-game screenshot

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Halloween Submitted Games

Halloween Builder Challenge has ended and now you have a chance to vote for your favorite game.


Huge thank you to everyone who participated in this spooky challenge! Below you can find a short recap with all submitted games. Make sure to check them out and have a play!

Five Nights At CREY by mr.cube

CREY’s First FPS by pooiloui2

Halloween Game by ttking

Apocalypse CREY by DW102

Down Below by Kolob

Stonks by Manticore

Vote for your favorite game until 10th of November 3pm CET. Feel free to ask your friends and family to vote for your game!

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Animation Improvements

We’re currently working on improving player animations. It is still subject to continuous development and this dev. blog is revealing a first of many to-come animation improvements across CREY. We’re delighted to reveal work, which is essential for the feel, when playing games. We welcome the first of many waves of animation improvements in CREY.

Controlling a character should always feel responsive and rewarding” -Marko, Animator at CREY Games.

The New Animations

This first wave, which is on live now, consists of the following:

  • Run
  • Sprint
  • Jump
  • Double jump
  • Landing

Iterations are still happening and new animation improvements, covering additional areas will arrive in the time to come.

Any Animation You Miss In CREY?

Let us know if you have any suggestions for cool animations, dances, emojis and other stuff in the Discord channel. Join the community and share your thoughts.

3D Wires For Builders

The Build Editor just got a great update!

Introducing 3D wires! When building games you now have 3D wiring setups to help you keep track and overview of what you are connecting. The game logic is going to be much easier to set up and tweak from now on. The wires are visible at all times when opening the settings window, as well as when having a gameplay prop selected. See video example below.

When you click the port, a wire gets attached to your mouse and name of the port is displayed. If you open up a prop settings window, you can see the wires going into 3D space, into the other 3D props. Double-click on the wire to open the other prop setting window. You can even hover over each individual wire and delete it. Quick and simple.

Any build editor improvements you want us to bring?

All your suggestions, ideas and feedback are kept safe by the dev. team! To make it on the list of requests or feedback, simply join our Discord and share your thought and ideas in the feedback channel! Thank you for shaping CREY.

Meet the Builder: Torr3sZIKA

Torr3sZIKA has published 4 games in CREY already. Each differ in design, genre and story. We grabbed the builder and asked some questions, to get to know more about the thoughts and ideas for building games.

“No matter your age, you can build amazing things in CREY!”


How and why did you start building games? What inspired you?

I started playing a game at the age of 6 on my cousin’s Game Boy, which made me love the games! When I turned 10 I entered a Scratch academy at my school and that’s when I learned logic building. From there I tried to improve my skills. I looked for an engine and I found CREY!

Where and how do you get ideas for new projects?

I get ideas by imagining something I couldn’t experience in real life, right now. Like living while there is an apocalypse or climbing Mount Everest!

What’s your favorite CREY game you’ve created?

The Past is The Future! It has some bugs, but it was my first game and I was starting to explore and understand the editor. I was having so much fun doing it! First time doing some thing often becomes unforgettable.

Short about the game: Bruce had a car accident. After that, his daughter disappears! Bruce, knowing his daughter disappeared, decided to go after her. He is experiencing memories along the way!

In-game screenshot from The Past is The Future

What are your favorite things about CREY and its community?

What I like most about CREY is the way you build. The ‘logical building’. It reminds me of the old days in Scratch and the editor! In regards to the community; it is the union we have! Awesome community.

Can you share a few tips and tricks with other game builders in CREY on how to get started?

Try to look for tutorials, like Jimmy Jules, Scuden, Gwan and stay tuned for upcoming academy builder opportunities. And the most important tip of all: Never give up!

Are there any exciting new projects you are working on at the moment?

I am currently planning the game ‘Everest’ as an upcoming project for FlashLight Studios. Flashlight Studios is something I started together with other builders from the CREY community. We build games together. I can recommend finding other builders as well, to anyone who want to work on big or many projects.

Torr3sZIKA Games Released in Chronological Order

Discord Community Creations

The 5 Featured Games:

It’s time to display some of the amazing games built and shared on Discord. If you would like to be featured in future community posts, join us on Discord and share screenshots and recordings of what you have built. Alright, let’s get started…

Tomb Chaos Level 1 by Genblox704

Fun game where the goal is to survive till the end. So far it has already 116 plays. Looking forward to the Level 2!

The Hidden Button by Wolfman74501

Pick up the axe, find the hidden button and get to the next level! Fun and addictive, already played 191 times.

Underground War by Radal_Dev

New multiplayer game! Find a friend to play it with and try it out.

Maze by ParodiManyak

Adventurous puzzle game! If you see ‘coming soon’ – well done, you have completed first level. More levels coming soon!

CREY Farming Simulator by 11GG20

Have you ever thought about being a farmer? Your time has come, with the new CREY FARMING SIMULATOR. Now you will be able to live the life of a true farmer.

Remember to share your creations on our Discord for a chance to be featured.

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Vote for your favourite Arena Shooter Game

Arena Shooter Game Challenge has ended and now you have a chance to vote for your favorite game.


The Submitted Games

The 3 Dimensions by Nicolai9852

2 teams fight in the Jungle, Mines and Sea Bottom. Pay attention to the horn, it might be able to help you…

CyberPunk by ParodiManyak

Which Team Reach a 1K Point Win This Game if Time End And Don’t Reach a Goal : Which Team Score High More Than Other Team Win This Game ! Have a Capture Flag & Quick Weapon Shop ! Have a Fun !

Crey-Topia by Genblox704

Drive cars Play Soccer Hang Out make Friends Establish a crew own the streets of Crey topia..

Tower Battle by RADAL_DEV

TEAM WARFARE by pikus12345

CREY Call of Duty by Wolfman74501

CREY:GO Deathmatch by InsideDev

Crey:GO is an arena shooter game with dynamic item weight, weapon shop system and more Many mechanics are based off of CS:GO

Vote for your favourite game until 16th September 3pm CET. We will be streaming and playing all the submitted games.

CREY Games