Star Wars Builder Challenge

As we get around May 4th 2020, it’s time to restore balance to the force! And we encourage all builders to help do so. This challenge is about making fan art and tributes, inspired by the amazing Star Wars movies. You decide what to use and how. Choose your template and get building.

How To Submit?

  • 1: Save the game with the name Star Wars Tribute
  • 2: Release your game/world
  • 3: You are now participating in the challenge

What To Build?

As long as it is inspired from the Star Wars universe, it is completely up to you, whether you want to build a world, game or unit. You can even make a time-lapse (speed build) video of what you create.

You can even decide to make a mini game or small showcase. This is a fun example of a small showcase where you can’t play, but only watch, as the horrible high ground scene unfolds right before your eyes! TRY IT HERE.

When Will The Star Wars Builder Challenge End?

Challenge ends Friday the 15th of May at 2pm CEST.
Winner announcement Friday the 22nd of May.
See countdown here. Good luck to everyone participating.
May the force be with you!

CREY Games

ChisleLP wins Mini Game Builder Challenge

Congratulations to ChisleLP on winning the Mini Game Builder Challenge with the game Keep Balance It! The game is a classic balancing setup, where your mission is to see how many objects you can manage on a plank. The current #1 on the leaderboard for Keep Balance It! is the player omm with a score of 19!

ChisleLP takes away 10000 gold, which can be used to purchase asset packs.

Balance the objects falling down from the sky

Recap From the Mini Game Builder Challenge

The next builder challenge will be announced this month. Stay tuned.

CREY Games