Cannon Fodder Play Challenge Winners

Cannon Fodder Play Challenge has ended. Thank you for participating, we hope you enjoyed and had fun! Congratulations to L.gutarra on winning the Cannon Fodder Play Challenge. You have won 1000 gold! 2nd place goes to Ducky_ who wins 500 gold. And finally Nicolai9852 on 3rd place who wins 300 gold. Well done everyone!

Leaderboard Top 10 Players

Future Events And Challenges

If you have an idea for a new challenge, let us know by jumping on Discord and tell us! Thank you to everyone participating. Good luck next time!

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Cannon Fodder Play Challenge

New game, new play challenge! We are excited to announce one of our latest games and introduce a new play challenge: Cannon Fodder! Avoid cannonballs, survive until the end and earn gold! Cannon Fodder is super exciting and fun to play, therefore, it is time to turn it into a play challenge! Can you make it to the top of the leaderboard?


1st place: 1000 gold
2nd place: 500 gold
3rd place: 300 gold


Challenge Rules & Info

Play as much as you want and reach the highest score on the leaderboard.
Challenge will end on 22nd of February at 12 p.m. CET.

Extra Prizes When Sharing

Win extra 100 CREY gold by sharing screenshots of your score on social media. Tag us and use the hashtag #CREYcannonfodder and remember to link your CREY profile

Remember to join our player community on Discord. Ask questions, share your creations and meet other builders and players.

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