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The 5 Featured Games:

It’s time to display some of the amazing games built and shared on Discord. If you would like to be featured in future community posts, join us on Discord and share screenshots and recordings of what you have built. Alright, let’s get started…

Dark Heart by Torr3sZIKA

The game is set in the age of discovery in the world of DARKHEART, as SwordMaster, Ninja or Orc, discover the world ahead ( NPC’s, Castels , dungeons, wild animals), using the skills you get from your father. Explore, enjoy and analyze what’s behind.

The Range by Wolfman74501

This is a reaction based game. How big of a score can you get in 60 seconds. Ever shot of the gun takes of one point and every target shot down is 5 points, so be mindful of how much you are shooting.

Escape The Cavern by TheGreenboiYT

This is the very first game by TheGreenboiYT on CREY. The goal is to escape!

They Were Here by TomArtJanson

Amber land was under attack. Take your time back, to find your memories. You are the part of Amber land! Explore, Discover, Escape!

Dust ‘n Blood by Karbonium

Your dad let you a gun, you can go to the city and become whoever you want! Choose your way to win with 4 unique classes: Farmers, Hunters, Explorers and Outlaws.

Remember to share your creations on our Discord for a chance to be featured.

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New Game Templates Available

Just started building in CREY? Try one of the new game templates available. You can find them all in the TEMPLATE section. These are the first of many new templates we aim to release this year. Hopefully it inspires, helps and ends with releases of games.

The 3 New Templates

The 3 new templates each represent a game genre. The first one is an Arena Shooter template. This should help you get started building. And you can, of course, change anything you want.

The second template is the Platformer template. You can start building a 3rd person platform game using this game template.

The third template is the 2D Platformer template. A side-scrolling adventure setup to help you get started.

What Templates Do You Need?

Please let us know what game templates you would like us to provide in CREY. Join us on Discord and use the feedback channel or drop your feedback for new templates in the Trello board for builders. We look forward to reading your ideas.

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5 New Gameplay Props

4 game logic gates have arrived along with the Dynamic Leaderboard gameplay prop! You can now set up a leaderboard for your multiplayer game. You can set as many Leaderboards in your game as you’d like, each containing different values you want to show in your game. In addition to that, you can choose to display a leaderboard on the website as well. This will be visible in the game details tab called (surprise) Leaderboard. You can always replace what leaderboard is shown on the website. Let’s jump into showing the new gameplay props

Dynamic Leaderboard

X or Gate

Or Gate

If Not Gate

And Gate

Star Wars Builder Challenge

As we get around May 4th 2020, it’s time to restore balance to the force! And we encourage all builders to help do so. This challenge is about making fan art and tributes, inspired by the amazing Star Wars movies. You decide what to use and how. Choose your template and get building.

How To Submit?

  • 1: Save the game with the name Star Wars Tribute
  • 2: Release your game/world
  • 3: You are now participating in the challenge

What To Build?

As long as it is inspired from the Star Wars universe, it is completely up to you, whether you want to build a world, game or unit. You can even make a time-lapse (speed build) video of what you create.

You can even decide to make a mini game or small showcase. This is a fun example of a small showcase where you can’t play, but only watch, as the horrible high ground scene unfolds right before your eyes! TRY IT HERE.

When Will The Star Wars Builder Challenge End?

Challenge ends Friday the 15th of May at 2pm CEST.
Winner announcement Friday the 22nd of May.
See countdown here. Good luck to everyone participating.
May the force be with you!

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jordo97 Wins Builder Challenge

Remix the Game 2 challenge has ended. And with an impressive expansion to the Challenge Box, the winner of the builder challenge is jordo97. Congratulations on winning 300 gold, which can be used to purchase an avatar from the Marketplace.

The Winning Game

jordo97’s Remix2 Game expanded a lot on the challenge box. Different islands were added along with lighting and new environment as well. Try the game here.

Honorable Mention

ttking also built a great game! A completely different take on the builder box and remix into a beautiful world with shops. Give the awesome game a try here.

New Builder Challenge Coming Soon

Go to the CHALLENGE section to check out when the next Builder Challenge will begin.

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