The Terrain Paint and Shape removal

After looking into performance on both PC and mobile we’ve decided to remove the Terrain Shape and Terrain Paint tools from the CREY build editor.

Will this affect live games that are using terrain?

No. If you have released a game with terrain, this will be locked and kept! The thing to keep in mind here is that you will not be able to remove it, since the tools are gone.

Replaced with environment assets

We know that this has been some of the most used tools over time, so we look to replace them with coming scalable environment assets. We have it as a part of our build editor vision to enable all builders to put texture on assets and primitives.

When will the new environment assets round 1 drop?

We hope to have the first round of environment assets available in the upcoming weeks.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out in the #crey-feedback section of the Discord.

ChisleLP wins Mini Game Builder Challenge

Congratulations to ChisleLP on winning the Mini Game Builder Challenge with the game Keep Balance It! The game is a classic balancing setup, where your mission is to see how many objects you can manage on a plank. The current #1 on the leaderboard for Keep Balance It! is the player omm with a score of 19!

ChisleLP takes away 10000 gold, which can be used to purchase asset packs.

Balance the objects falling down from the sky

Recap From the Mini Game Builder Challenge

The next builder challenge will be announced this month. Stay tuned.

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