Stepstone – 2019 Christmas Challenge Edition

Well met, glorious contenders! It’s that time of year. The time to prove yourself worthy in the famous Play Challenge:
Stepstone 2019 Christmas Challenge Edition
The objective: Stay alive as long as possible, by running on the platform tiles. Be careful; the tiles will fall down when you run over them. Keep running, and make sure your route is carefully thought out, as you might be unable to use untouched tiles to stay on the platform as long as possible. You can jump, but precision is of the essence if you want to climb the leaderboard as the survivor who went on the longest.

Prize for Winner(s)

If there is a split 1st place time the players sharing 1st place will all receive 10000 gold!

Stepstone Game History

The original Stepstone game, made by Khallifenstein quickly proved popular and was, by community request, re-skinned and turned into a Christmas Challenge (from previous year) The original Stepstone game still has an undisputed 1st place, set by player The previous Christmas Challenge version is also still dominated by the player Frank. Already having reached a little over 7k plays, the Stepstone game series might go beyond 10k when this years Stepstone challenge comes to an end.

Could You Possibly Give This Challenge a Longer Name?

The answer is: no. No, we could not. Good luck to everyone participating!


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