Skeleton Run

It’s time. The 1-month $1000 speedrun play challenge has arrived. The prize pool will be spread out among the 3 fastest runners. In addition to the prize pool, there’s a CREY bonus gold available as well: The more plays Skeleton Run gets, the more gold is unlocked for the 3 fastest. The bonus gold can be used to purchase editor assets to build with. The game was build by Scuden & Khalliffenstein.


Top 3 will also receive bonus gold depending on how many plays Skeleton Run gets

Unlocks for top 10 on the leaderboard

If the game reaches 100,001 plays, the top 10 on the leaderboard will receive an exclusive weapon in their library!

Reaching Life will unlock an exclusive weapon for the entire top 10 on the leaderboard

Sell Your Soul for Speed

Have you found the secret shop? No? Well, well, well…

In Skeleton Run you can sell your soul for speed

>>To participate you have to sign up. It’s easy, free and wholesome<<
You must be at least 13 years old to participate.
Winners will be announced in the news section and
contacted via registered email

Good luck & have fun to everyone participating

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