Skeleton Run Winners Announced!

The CREY Play Challenge has ended and it is time to reveal the top 10 players and the rewards! If you are in the top 10, an email with information has been send to your registered CREY account. Congratulations to maplestick who finished 1st!

Top 10 Players Who Will Be Rewarded

Overview of rewards by leaderboard placement

1st place prize: $600 + unlocked bonus gold + exclusive weapon
2nd place prize: $300 + unlocked bonus gold + exclusive weapon
3rd place prize: $100 + unlocked bonus gold + exclusive weapon
4th place prize: exclusive weapon
5th place prize: exclusive weapon
6th place prize: exclusive weapon
7th place prize: exclusive weapon
8th place prize: exclusive weapon
9th place prize: exclusive weapon
10th place prize: exclusive weapon

The Creygore

Everyone in the top 10 have been rewarded with the exclusive Creygore weapon, found in the Exclusives TAB in the build editor library. Congratulations to the winners and keep a look out for the next CREY challenge.

The Creygore

The Play Challenge Video

The Skeleton Run ended on nearly 30.000 plays!

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