New Feature: Templates – Side-Scrolling Platform

You Can Now Build Great Platform Games

The new template was inspired by a community looking to get a setup for side-scrolling platform games. This requests has landed and it’s exciting to see how builders will use the template to create games, using it. A previous platform template setup, resulted in great feedback and spawned new ideas to work with. The template allows the game designer (you) to tweak the setup by opening boxes, coloring primitives, settings new traps, making puzzles, choosing a different character, adding ghost replay, dropping in constructed boxes from the library and much much more.

Screenshot From The New Template (click to try it)

Template Setup

The template consists of a locked setup. This means there will be no accidental moving of the background setup, to interfere with your game design. It helps keep focus on what is part of the gameplay setup. The template offers a broad variety of premade platforms and boxes and it comes with an entire new set of assets to build with. You can scale, rotate and change the entire setup. Whether you spend 30 minutes or several weeks designing your new game, this template opens up possibilities.


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