New Seeker Feature: Collision Avoidance

The Seeker gameplay prop, and whatever is glued to it, can now avoid geometry such as terrains and objects! Tired of having the seeker float around like a ghost? Well, no more. It can now be set to stay on the ground, as it seeks out its target. You can determine a “vision” range and cone, to make your own watch towers, cameras and creatures with limited vision.

Here’s a seeker using the new collision avoidance feature

So How Does It Work?

The new Seeker gameplay prop settings are:
Use detection: If enabled, you can limit the vision range and angle of view.
Avoid obstacles: If enabled, the seeker will no longer float through geometry, but be blocked by it.
Stay on the ground: If enabled, the seeker will “fall” to the ground when it gets to an edge of terrain and objects.
Collision capsule height and radius determines the size of the collision the seeker uses to detect obstacles, as it cannot know which type(s) of objects you have glued to it.

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