Remix the Game 2

Remix the Game 2 has been revealed. A fully functional game has once again been boxed and is now yours to customize in any way you want to. It can be found in the CHALLENGE PACK category in the build editor library. It is called Remix the Game 2.

Winner Reward

The winner of the challenge will receive 300 CREY gold, which can be used to purchase a lot of awesome asset packs to build with. This is done on the Marketplace.

I Want to Participate – How Does This Work?

Take out the box, place it and press 9 (play test) to see what game is inside the box. It’s recommended to freeze and reset the editor, since it makes it easier to see and work with the game.

I’m Done Remixing – Now What?

  • 1: Save the game with the name REMIX2
  • 2: Release your game
  • 3: You are now participating in the builder challenge
Find the Challenge Box here
Place the box and press hotkey 9 to see what game hides inside

Pro Tip

Using hotkey 7 + 8 will freeze and reset everything, which makes it much easier to work with the setup. This will also show how the original position for the setup looks when players enter the game you build.

How Much Can I Change?

It is completely up to you how much you want to change the game inside the box. Change colors, tweak existing gameplay mechanics or make an entirely new setup. You are the maker of this!

I Released My Game But Want To Change Something

You are allowed to work on your game as much as you want until the challenge ends. The challenge countdown clock can be found in the community challenge section on the website. If you want to apply the changes you make, you have to re-release the game. This will not remove comments or affect the play counter, so don’t worry. Even the game link will remain the same.

Hope you have a ton of fun with this new builder challenge tradition. Good luck to everyone participating. It’s time to remix!

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