Release the Notes

Release Notes 1.12

-Following asset packs are now available:
Castaway asset pack
Halloween asset pack
-Lift gameplay prop settings limit increased from 10 to 100
-Logging in with a guest account is now available
-Added option to hide assets with the click of a button (added to topbar) in the build editor. Hotkey H will hide selected assets, making it easier to work around/inside the hidden assets.
-Library updates:
When opening the Library, a default subcategory is opened.
Library loading animation added.
Library close button added.
-New music and SFX available
-New character chooser (in the Start Point gameplay prop settings)
-Fixed various minor ui issues related to opening menus while in scale mode
-Fixed: certain characters not handled in the comments section (‘?’, ‘#’, ‘&’)
-Fixed: scaling sensitivity tweaked to avoid slow scaling on X & Y axes

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