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Release Notes 1.24

-New audio settings: we recently announced this to have you, the community, take part in what music is available in CREY. And now, you get to control the audio settings in both the editor and in the games you play. The audio settings available in the editor give you control of both the editor audio settings, but also the audio you experience when you play test your work in progress (as the player would experience the audio when playing the game, once published).

Control both the game and editor audio settings

In the Editor section you control how your editor work environment has sound.
In the Game section you decide how the audio is set when your game is being played (you can play test from the editor to test those settings).

When play testing your work in progress you can also adjust the audio

It is now possible to change the audio settings when playing games. No more ‘The sounds effects are too low/high’, my ears are bleeding’ or ‘alright, this is amazing, where do I turn up the music?’‘. You now control the volume and settings of the audio as a player. Furthermore, it’s been granted that you can pick and choose what audio you decide to adjust when doing so.

Playing games now comes with an adjustable sound settings section

-Fixed: Maxfogdistance now sets maxfogdistance instead of min
-Fixed: Long tooltip text now shown correctly
-Fixed: Camera gameplay prop settings only shows target distance when not static
-Fixed: Framerate is enabled for all users at 60 FPS
-Fixed: First Playable (tutorial) – no longer getting stuck when you switch between paint /prop mode
-Fixed: Don’t open website twice after Hello World/First Playable (tutorial)
-Fixed: Play again doesn’t reset the audio-settings
-Fixed: Audio being muted for everyone if you don’t change the settings
-Changed: Text update in Seeker gameplay prop: “Limit detection” instead of “Use detection
-Changed: Min. fog distance max is now set to 100
-Changed: Max water-height raised to 100


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