Release the Notes

Release Notes 1.22

-New website feature: Search levels function added to website (top of the website)
-New shooting feature: Decal system – there are holes when shooting stuff 🙂
-New Text Overlay feature: “smart tags” in text: when using the <score>, <death>, <life>, <time> tags in the text, the actual number will be displayed during gameplay. The number is only updated when activated, meaning it will not update itself automatically, like the timer display functionality
-Fixed: Startpoint Gameplay prop with spawned weapon in hand from spawn is no longer outlined as a pickupable weapon while running
-Fixed: Undoing the last step after creating an object caused the object creation to be undone too
-Fixed: Water refraction is back
-Fixed: Updating boxes will now refresh the current box in the users library
-Fixed: Badges not displayed in builder and pause menus
-Fixed: Startpoint Gameplay prop in First Playable had tooltip stuck after placing it
-Fixed: Post-process color banding in dark areas
-Fixed: Only render all range/volume indicators when the prop is hovered/selected
-Fixed: Low-performance notification window not being clickable
-Fixed: Weapon model no longer lags behind the character
-Fixed: Force props being applied twice per frame in games (ZEN, Drifter, etc)
-Fixed: Terrain paint blending incorrectly
-Fixed: Prop settings sometimes causing random crash
-Fixed: New characters being underground for 1 frame when spawning
-Updated World Settings feature: Color grade LUT list now have their own names instead of LUT_1, LUT_2, …)
-Minor tweaks: Renamed recovery to backup (in both web+client)
-Tweaked: Increased FOCUS_MAX_DIST from 150m to 500m, so you can orbit objects that are not that close to the camera
-Tweaked: New Text Overlay Gameplay prop text positioning: texts can be positioned anywhere on the screen using the percentage sliders

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