Release the Notes

Release Notes 1.19

-New Seeker gameplay prop feature: Collision Avoidance
-New Skybox added to the world settings: Cloudy With Haze

Cloudy With Haze Skybox

-Added victory screen commenting and likes (shown after completing a game)
-Added: Windowed mode available (hotkey F8)
-Added: New download page on the website
-Fixed: Cursor no longer shown in stamp-mode when in Hello World & First Playable
-Fixed: Sensor gameplay prop’s Shape_Cylinder trigger box position and rotation handling
-Fixed: Camera always collides with terrain
-Fixed: Ghostplay checkbox misbehaved
-Fixed: Quickbar Q/E arrows are now clickable
-Fixed: Mouse cursor displacement when placing props
-Fixed: Clicking on the YouTube logo in the infopanel caused client crash
-Removed Map and Controls categories from pause menu
-Removed background video on the website after login
-Tweaks: Topbar minor tweaks

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