Release the Notes

Release Notes 1.18

-New feature: Omni Light gameplay prop
-Added Lock/Unlock to the build editor.
Locking: Select one or more props and click on the Lock button in the topbar (or press hotkey L). Locked props can not be moved, deleted, rotated or scaled. No more happy accidents with affecting non-desired objects (yay!)
Unlocking: To unlock all locked props, click on the Lock button (or hotkey L) while nothing is selected

The 4 primitives selected will be locked and untouchable until unlocked again

-Added camera default view to the build editor.
New topbar button: reset camera (or press hotkey M). This will reset the camera view to default angle and orientation. You can define a new default view by pressing Ctrl + M at the coordinates you desire in the editor. This will save those coordinates as default view for current session.
-Added multi-select to the build editor.
You can select multiple props and change shared values all at once(!)
An exclamation mark on the left will left you know that the setting will affect multiple objects selected.

-Added new category to the sound library: Rock
Small, medium, large rock sound.
Motion and impact sound for each size.
-Added new features to the Text Overlay gameplay prop.
Font size
Placement settings (choose top, middle, bottom placement of text)

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