Release the Notes

Release Notes 1.15

-New feature: Deadly Water
Go into Worlds Settings –> click Water TAB and toggle Kill on contact.
When the character touches water it will die.
-Added a ‘My boxes’ subcategory to the Box library in the build editor
-The Connector now has a Toggle Function:
It will switch between sending power and not sending power based on it’s incoming power signals.
-Grid snap, angle snap and freeze buttons are turquoise when these modes are enabled
-Gameplay prop Counter has limit set to 9999
– Primitives’ “Is water” setting removed (ui cleaning – was not functional)
– Minor World Settings tweaks:
Go into Worlds Settings –> click water TAB and toggle Show will hide the other water settings.
-Fog settings are now exclusive to the type of fog selected
-Fixed: Leaderboard score types always showing Longest Time
-Fixed: jump height = 0 crashed the client

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