Release the Notes

Release Notes 1.13

-Power system update fix: now waiting for the player’s character to spawn before starting playmode (previously you could start running before the loading screen disappeared)
-New feature for all assets: collision can now be enabled/disabled for every asset
-Camera gameplay prop tweak: camera min. & max. values can now be set (options added to world settings)
-Username tweak: can now contain certain special characters
-Fixed: profile image upload could previously cause a random crash
-Fixed: comments and usernames we’re not updated accordingly
-Fixed: game detail window is no longer empty when editing a long comment
-Fixed: bad encoding when editing comments (e.g. ‘%20’ instead of spaces)
-Fixed: password reset is now working as intended
-Fixed: the game didn’t update if started from the website
-Fixed: crash when adding/editing a long comment (comment length set to 500 characters)

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