Randomizer Gameplay Prop

A new and really fun gameplay prop has arrived: The Randomizer! It’s time to roll out the luck of the Irish. With the randomizer you can choose a ton of different outcomes. All controlled by the randomizer. Cross your fingers, this will be part of a ton a game designs.

The Randomizer Settings

Example of Setup

Below showing a setup where the Randomizer is connected to 5 different Spawner gameplay props. Each Spawner with its own object. Each time the player steps on the green randomize plate, one of the 5 spawners will be, at random, chosen to spawn its selected objects.

You can add as many connections as you’d like. Spawn boxes, objects, activation of mechanics, traps and well, you name it. All up to you, to fit your game design.

Every time the player steps on the green plate a random object will spawn

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