Get more visibility for your games with the CREY Outreach Program

Today we’re launching our new CREY Outreach Program as part of our effort to spread the word about CREY and help our creators get more players in to play their games.

How this works

We know we have a community of skilled builders who create awesome stuff. We want you to share that awesome stuff with the world, not just our own community.

Posting outside the CREY bubble

We want you to spread the word outside the CREY bubble. There are a ton of communities on Reddit about gaming and game development, and the stuff you guys are making in CREY deserves to be seen and heard there as well.

And not just Reddit, of course. If any of you are still using Facebook, there are a lot of great Facebook groups where you can share your creations. And I’m sure some of you belong to a variety of other communities, like forums, other Discords, etc.

When you share your game to the outside world, post a link to it in our new #crey-outreach channel.

We will then be doing a monthly raffle where the most upvoted/liked post wins a prize. If you get a viral hit that generates 5,000 likes or upvotes on your post, then we’ll reward you with $500 USD as a special “hooray.”

Where can I post my game?

We’ve come up with some suggestions for places to post links to your CREY games. You can probably think of more yourselves, and we are certainly not going to limit you to these. They are just to help you get started.



Things to remember

Please note that you must share your link in the #crey-outreach channel. We’re not going to scour the internet ourselves looking for your posts. If you want to be eligible for the raffle, you have to share your link on our Discord.

Not on our Discord? No problem. You can join here.

If you share your game on a site that doesn’t have an “upvote” or “like” system – like, say, a forum – you’re still eligible for entering. If we can see that your post generates a lot of interest and comments, we’ll make a special case for it.

Oh, and of course, you have to be 13 years or older to be eligible. Please see our Terms & Conditions here.

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