Next-gen Gameplay Tools

Next-gen Gameplay Tools (also known as the Gameplay Props 2.0 system) is an improved way of doing visual scripting in CREY. It is not feature complete, which is why we are not fully replacing our old 1.0 binary visual scripting system. Not just yet. However, we plan to bring a full Gameplay Props 2.0 overhaul within the coming months. This is pretty much going to evolutionize game building on PC. Game building is starting to look like a lot of fun!

Can You Tell Us A Bit More About This?

Yes! Gameplay Props 2.0 is a non-binary scripting system. The most noticeable upgrade here, compared to our old system, is that you can now draw multiple wires between multiple inputs and outputs. Because of this you can now manipulate individual values within props(!) This opens up for an insane amount of new possibilities and gives game developers in CREY an entire new level of creative freedom.

List Of 2.0 Gameplay Tools

  • Signal Converter
  • Shop
  • Product
  • Calculator
  • Number Displayer
  • Variable
  • Variable Modifier
  • Currency
  • Currency Modifier
  • Camera
  • Player Manager
  • Spawn Point
  • Character Changer

Very Important If You Want To Build!

To be able to bridge the gameplay 1.0 and 2.0 gameplay tools you have to make sure to use the Signal Converter, when using POWER wires to or from the new 2.0 gameplay props. If you do not do this, everything you build will have to be re-wired again, when we update the 2.0 system later this year! So please make sure to use the Signal Converter. And tell your fellow builder friends about this as well, just to be sure.

The Signal Converter which will tie the old 1.0 and new 2.0 gameplay tools together!

Using The Signal Converter

Showing how-to from 2.0 to 1.0: The 2.0 Sensor gameplay prop wants to power the 1.0 Rotator gameplay prop. The Power will have to go through the Signal Converter, which will then pass it on to the desired target (in this case the Rotator)
Showing how-to from 1.0 to 2.0: The 1.0 Sensor gameplay prop wants to power the 2.0 Timer gameplay prop. The Power will have to go through the Signal Converter, which will then pass it on to the desired target (in this case the Timer)

The images above are clear examples of how power wires should be used to bridge the 1.0 and 2.0 gameplay tools. Rule: Always go through the Signal Converter gameplay prop.

Build Shop/Currency Systems

As part of testing the 2.0 system we decided to create a Shop/Currency Ecosystem. This includes:

  • A Shop Prop
  • A Product Prop
  • A Currency Prop
  • A Currency Modifier Prop
  • A Variable Prop
  • A Variable Modifier Prop
  • A Calculator
  • A Text Displayer
  • A Player Manager
The Shop, Product and Currency gameplay props

The Shop, Product and Currency prop is how you create a Shop in Crey. How it’s done:

  • Create a currency with the Currency Prop
  • If you want to give players this currency you can use the Currency Modifier – powered by a Sensor
Currency gameplay prop menu settings
  • Creating a product with the Product Prop
    • The product prop can send power to other props – it will do this when it is bought in the shop
    • You can chose the currency you created with the currency prop
Product gameplay prop settings menu
  • Create a shop with the Shop Prop
    • In the shop you can chose the product you want to sell – a shop can sell multiple different products for different currencies
    • A shop requires power from a sensor
Shop gameplay prop settings menu

The Variable Gameplay Props

  • A Variable Prop
  • A Variable Modifier Prop

The variable and the variable modifiers are much like the currencies except they cannot be used in Shops and Products. However you can use these props to create custom variables that you can then wire into other 1.5 props like the player manager.

  • A Calculator

Use this prop to make any kind of calculation. Do you want to add, subtract divide or multiply? Or maybe check whether a number is higher, lower or equal to.

  • A Text Displayer

The Text displayer can show any number in the UI. Simply wire that number into its “Number” parameter

  • A Player Manager

The player manager is a way to manipulate player stats. If you want to add something to a players jump height or movement speed – this is where you do it.

Player ID
With 2.0 and Multiplayer we are bringing in a new type of wire. Or.. it is actually the same wire but it holds more information – namely the Player ID information. The Player ID wire is introduced so that we can create individual instances of certain game information in multiplayer games. Like.. you want your own currency, you want your own purchases in the shop, you want your own camera etc.. The player ID wire is the beginning of all of this.

Right now there are two props that can send player ID:

  • Sensor
  • Input Trigger
  • Product Prop (if product is purchased while in a Sensor)

The following props can receive Player ID and utilize this information:

  • Variable Modifier
    • Only the specific players variable will be modified
  • Currency Modifier
    • Only the specific players currency will be modified
  • Player Manager
    • Only the specific players player manager variables will be modified
  • Number Displayer
    • Number will show that specific players information

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