New Terrain Templates and Color Tinting Tools

The new terrain templates and color tinting tools have arrived! We have heard you are, therefore, we are introducing new tools on our CREY build editor to take your game building journey and experience to a whole new level. These updates will not only let your games to perform better and load faster, but also allow you to design games easier and quicker.

What has changed?

We have prepared 3 environmental templates to help you design and build your games: Winter, Mountain Lake, and Desert. Alongside with these templates, we are also introducing tinting tools for our new nature and terrain asset packs to help you to pick your desired color for the template and adjust it according to your wishes. Moving forward, most if not all new assets introduced to the editor will come with color tinting capabilities.

How it will affect your game building?

These new updates will only improve your game building experience and will make it easier to make custom designed games for specific environments. With our color tinting tools there are literally no limits – choose the color you like the most and adjust it to your environment or specific element.

How to use them?

Go to our build editor, pick a template of your choice, adjust colors by using tinting tools and start building! It is that easy! Below you can find a quick video with more information on how to use our new templates as well as the tinting tools.

Start building your own games today! Join our Discord Builder server, share your games and chat with the CREY game building community!

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