New Great Games

New great multiplayer games have been released. With the Gameplay Props 1.5 system released, building games with CREY has reached a new level of fun. Check out this amazing list of new multiplayer games you can crush your friends with:


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Welcome to Tortuga! An island adventure surrounded by sharks, inhibited by pirates, shopkeepers and a rigged casino. The infamous arena lights up the harbor. This is where brave men and women go to challenge each other.

7 Tortuga Arena Modes

Will you survive longer than your friends in the arena? Well, fingers crossed, you might just get lucky when you try to escape the flood, the ghost ship bombs, the cursed chest, the megalodon, the zombie pirates, the tsunami waves or the crushing tornado. If you’re lucky, that is. The 7 arena modes are merciless…

Woodland Carnage

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A small green spot in the magical forests of Woodland has been turned into carnage! A battle royal where you can eliminate other players with a huge anvil, a lawn mower, a giant gun and a swinging axe! Good luck being the last one standing.

Woodland Carnage winner!


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You are locked away in a castle and can choose to escape the castle or make sure nobody escapes! Are you are Runner or a Trapper? Whatever role you choose, you will have to outsmart the others. Trappers will try to eliminate runners. And Runners will have to jebait trappers into activating traps before they land.


Good luck juking the traps and perils. The sneaky Trappers are waiting to eliminate you. Who will fool who?


Runners are trying to escape! You have to make sure they get nowhere. Activate the traps to make sure they never reach the end of the castle hall.

More Great Games Being Developed

With the release of the next-gen gameplay tools we are excited to see a lot of more games being developed by game makers in the time to come. The community builders constantly push out amazing games, worlds and contraptions.

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