New Feature: Spawner Gameplay Prop

World first on having an infinite amount of clowns coming out of a car? The Spawner
will allow you to spawn pickups, assets or boxes with custom properties, set in the Spawner. Target what you want to spawn, with the settings you want for it. In play mode, the original target will not be shown, but will be copied and spawned one time, each time the Spawner receives power. “But will it bring joy and happy days to my design?” you might ask. Let’s begin with a clip of Gwan from the Twitch livestream.

If you are building games in CREY, you might have encountered the complication of wanting to have something appear/spawn at a given time. This gameplay prop will let you tackle this. With ease. Let’s have a closer look at it. Starting with the settings of the Spawner

Random Spawn Range: Determines the area range where spawned objects randomly appear within. If set to zero, spawned object(s) appear exactly at the center of the Spawner.
Max Number: How many spawned objects can be ‘alive’ at once. Oldest spawned object will disappear.
(a hard-coded Max Number is set with this first iteration for performance reasons)

After spawning, objects will behave independent of the Spawner. By default, Spawned objects appear right where the Spawner is. The facing will be the facing the original object has, relative to the Spawner. Objects that are linked to non-targeted objects can not be targeted for spawning, without having their external wires cut.

Below is an example of how the Spawner can be used. In Survival Ball there is a continuous spawn of different primitives, for the player to jump on, in order to survive.

Survival Ball is one of the first games using the Spawner gameplay prop

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