New Feature: NPCs

12 NPCs have now arrived to CREY. Each with settings to tweak for your game design. Some might offer to show the way, others turn irrationally aggressive and chase while there will be those who kindly ignores your every attempt at conversation. This is all, of course, up to you, as designer of your own game.

Meet Two NPCs

Heads Up

As this is the 1st iteration of this new feature, it would be greatly appreciated if you, the amazing community, would jump in and give some feedback. We always note it down before laughing hysterically and throwing it into the bin. So please join us on Discord, where you can help shape CREY and meet other builders and players. The first batch of NPCs can be found two different places in your library: [CREY –> Creatures] and [Bitgem –> NPCs]. Now, let’s see how this NPC stuff works.

NPC Settings

Use Detection:
When On, user must set Detection range and Detection cone angle, thus determine how far and wide the NPC can detect its target (target default: the Player).
Low Detection range means player must get real close before he/she is detected.
Low Detection cone angle means the player can avoid detection if moving slightly left or right of the NPC.
Forget target:
When On, the NPC stops chasing its target if the target gets out of the Detection range and angle.
The Time to forget shows how long time the NPC will continue the chase after losing track, before stopping. An NPC that forgot its target (lost track of it) will stop and wait until it Detects the target again, as per default settings.
Change animation when in range and Stop movement at range:
This lets you set a Trigger distance where the NPC will change its animation, if possible. What animation it will change into is a feature to come and currently not available. But for the hostile NPCs it will currently always be an Attack animation.
Stop moment at range means that the NPC will not move closer (thus not push the player) when it is within the Trigger distance.

Determines if the NPC will avoid obstacles on its path.
Stay on the ground: If Off, the NPC will move in a straight line towards the target.
Pass through characters: If On, NPC will move through other characters.
Collision capsule height and radius: The area of the NPC that will collide with objects. Set it low to have the NPCs squeeze through narrow places; set it higher to not have the NPCs walk into/through other NPCs or objects.
Sensor Area:
Another Sensor Area in the properties settings, this time used to determine damage area;
Affect: What takes damage from this NPC.
Shape and Radius: How far away to stay from this NPC to avoid damage.
Deal damage on contact: Determine if damage is dealt within the Radius of the Sensor Area.
NPC use own collision for damage: Determine if just touching the mesh of the NPC will deal damage. Note, this doesn’t matter if the Deal damage on contact is set to On, with a radius larger than the mesh of the NPC, as damage will then be dealt within this area anyway.

Meet some of the NPCs in a Short Game

As an example of a way to approach the use of the newly added NPCs, here’s a short game, where you encounter a few of them. PLAY CITY ESCAPE


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