Moving CREY Into Your Browser

A faster, easier and smoother experience is here! We’re happy to announce that CREY has moved all menus to the webfront. Here’s why:

From December 14, you only have to launch the CREY client, when you build or play games. Everything else is moving to your browser. This will make sharing of your games and creations very easy.

Sharing is Now Direct

Whatever you build now can be shared with an URL. No need to install CREY to see what you might want to play.
Deep-linking directly to a precise location within an .exe menu, meaning you first have to install the client, can be tricky and tedious. It will require longer loading time and more steps, than simply taking you directly to the page. can be viewed on a mobile easily. All the social content can be accessed on mobile, when in web. What you build can now be played/seen by everyone. Not only those who have installed CREY. Here’s an example of sharing: Simply click this and be re-directed to the game Lost – Part 1.

Easy to Update

If CREY runs a challenge, push new content or need to alert the community about downtime, you no longer have to launch the .exe to see what’s happening. 
It will be easy to tweak, adjust and implement new awesome content on the go, for everyone to enjoy.

Runs Fast

Running natively does wonders for the performance.
It’s much faster to open the site instead of having to launch the .exe each time.
Smaller memory footsteps will result in faster loading of menus, making the overall experience a lot smoother. It will reduce UI load time drastically and help with overall performance.

The client only launches when you want to launch a game or use the build editor.
When clicking PLAY or want to create a new game, you’re asked to launch CREY.

It will not affect your current content. And with the features to come, we look forward to have an easy-to-update-and-approach platform, where sharing your games will be very straight forward.

You can currently run as many instances of CREY as you like. This is not recommended, as it will affect performance. So a tip for now would be to remember to exit one game/editor, before opening another.

Finally a big thank you to the community, for discovering and reporting bugs along the way, during this early alpha. Some of them hilarious (animation and funky colors).
We’re working on fixing as many as possible, along the way.

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