Meet the Builder: Torr3sZIKA

Torr3sZIKA has published 4 games in CREY already. Each differ in design, genre and story. We grabbed the builder and asked some questions, to get to know more about the thoughts and ideas for building games.

“No matter your age, you can build amazing things in CREY!”


How and why did you start building games? What inspired you?

I started playing a game at the age of 6 on my cousin’s Game Boy, which made me love the games! When I turned 10 I entered a Scratch academy at my school and that’s when I learned logic building. From there I tried to improve my skills. I looked for an engine and I found CREY!

Where and how do you get ideas for new projects?

I get ideas by imagining something I couldn’t experience in real life, right now. Like living while there is an apocalypse or climbing Mount Everest!

What’s your favorite CREY game you’ve created?

The Past is The Future! It has some bugs, but it was my first game and I was starting to explore and understand the editor. I was having so much fun doing it! First time doing some thing often becomes unforgettable.

Short about the game: Bruce had a car accident. After that, his daughter disappears! Bruce, knowing his daughter disappeared, decided to go after her. He is experiencing memories along the way!

In-game screenshot from The Past is The Future

What are your favorite things about CREY and its community?

What I like most about CREY is the way you build. The ‘logical building’. It reminds me of the old days in Scratch and the editor! In regards to the community; it is the union we have! Awesome community.

Can you share a few tips and tricks with other game builders in CREY on how to get started?

Try to look for tutorials, like Jimmy Jules, Scuden, Gwan and stay tuned for upcoming academy builder opportunities. And the most important tip of all: Never give up!

Are there any exciting new projects you are working on at the moment?

I am currently planning the game ‘Everest’ as an upcoming project for FlashLight Studios. Flashlight Studios is something I started together with other builders from the CREY community. We build games together. I can recommend finding other builders as well, to anyone who want to work on big or many projects.

Torr3sZIKA Games Released in Chronological Order

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