Meet the Builder: TheCreyator

TheCreyator aka Brendan is a 22-year-old game designer living in the USA. He started using CREY to create back in April 2020 and has been hooked ever since.

The more you design and build the better and better you will get.” – TheCreyator

How and why did you start building and creating games? What inspired you?

I’ve always loved creating, building, and drawing. Legos were a favorite toy growing up, and eventually I moved onto video games. Games like Minecraft really were my jam, but I always wanted more freedom. Typical game design engines were pretty confusing and I would get really frustrated and give up. I randomly found CREY one day and decided to download it, and I immediately spent about 12 hours designing my first game.

In-game screenshot

Where and how do you get ideas for new projects?

I get a lot of inspiration from fantasy art, I’ll go on Pinterest or Instagram and look at the work of some artists who create amazing fantasy landscapes. I also draw a ton of inspiration from other games I’ve played. Some of my favorites have been Control, Elder Scrolls, Alan Wake, and Witcher III.

What is your favorite game you have created in CREY?

My current big project. I’m still trying to come up with a name for it. It’s a walking sim/puzzle game with heavy emphasis on exploration and level design. You are an explorer who gets into a shipwreck and lands on a mysterious island. Throughout the game you get to experience several cool environments and solve puzzles! I’m very excited to continue developing this!

In-game screenshot

What are your favorite things about CREY and its community?

It’s a very diverse group of people in our community, and I’ve seen so many awesome game and concept designs on the Discord form! I can’t wait for CREY to get bigger!!

Can you share a few tips and tricks with other game builders at CREY on how to get started?

Try everything even if you don’t understand it. CREY is very user friendly and very beginner friendly. The more you design and build the better and better you will get. Also, utilize the boxing system and save your boxes. It’s an amazing way to save time, design efficiently, and create amazing games!

In-game recording

Are there any exciting new projects you are working on at the moment?

Yes! My Halloween game, called the Haunted Crypt! It’s another exploration style game, with a very dark and spooky atmosphere! I am working very hard to release it!

In-game screenshot

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