Meet the Builder: L.gutarra

The game builder L.gutarra is a student who is currently pursuing a degree in systems engineering to become a video game designer. During his free time, he is building games in CREY. So far L.gutarra has made games like Zombie City, Escape from the Pit as well as Challenges Through Time, which was his submission for Challenge the Devs builder challenge, and won the “The most competitive game” award.

What inspired you to create your game for Challenge the Devs builder challenge?

“I wanted to create a game for the challenge to be recognized as a good video game designer in CREY. Also, the chance of winning Nintendo Switch was very tempting.”

Where and how did you get ideas for your project?

“I like time travel themes, so I decided to make my game within this theme. I was inspired by the Back to the Future movies, as well as the Obby games in CREY like Escape the Castle and Gangster Escape.”

What is your favorite game you have created in CREY? What type of games you like building the most?

“I like building adventure games. My favorite game that I have built so far is Zombie City.”

What are your favorite things about CREY and its community?

“I like having the opportunity to express my creativity through video games. I like that CREY is organizing a lot of builder and player challenges for the community to participate.”

Can you share a few tips and tricks with other game builders at CREY on how to get started?

“Before starting with designing your game, you have to think about its category. Then start putting some ideas on the paper. Once that is done, start building your ideas in the engine. Make sure that your game is exciting and challenging, but not impossible to complete. Include a good story behind it and ensure that the game is fun for the player.”

Are there any exciting new projects you are working on at the moment?

“At the moment I am not working on new games, since I am busy studying, but I am planning to create a game with the theme “floor is lava”.”

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