Meet the Builder: Karbonium

Let’s meet one of the winners from Challenge the Devs builder challenge – Karbonium! Karbonium is a 26 years old guitar teacher and fan of video games from France. So far Karbonium has built games like Dust ‘N Blood, Our Shelter, The Cursed Swamp, Morphing Area, and Tales of Arcadia, which won The Outstanding design award in Challenge the Devs builder challenge.

What inspired you to create your game for Challenge the Devs builder challenge?

“I usually build challenging and difficult games, therefore, I wanted to challenge CREY devs as well and build my own MMORPG!”

Where and how do you get ideas for your projects?

“My games are mostly a mix of several AAA games. For example, Dust ‘N Blood was inspired by Borderlands. Tales of Arcadia was a strange mix with Rayman 3 and Dofus. Our Shelter was inspired by a browser game called “Hordes”, where you have to manage a town and survive with other players.”

What is your favorite game you have created in CREY? What type of games you like building the most?

“I like to build RPG, 3D platformers, and exploration games the most. In my opinion, Tales of Arcadia is my best game so far. It’s so awesome to see other players exploring the world and trying to complete quests and dungeons!”

What are your favorite things about CREY and its community?

“I love the fact that we can easily talk to the devs, and share what we have created with other players. The game builder tools are really fun and easy to understand.”

Can you share a few tips and tricks with other game builders at CREY on how to get started?

“Don’t forget to give an objective to the player, and give a reward for him when he completes something difficult. It’s very satisfying for gamers! For new players, explain all the options with a quick tutorial (UI is important). And the most important tip: Test and complete your game before sharing it!”

Are there any exciting new projects you are working on at the moment?

“I will add a new dungeon and several quests in Tales of Arcadia. Also, I will add new monsters and areas in Our Shelter. Last but not least, I have an idea for a new multiplayer project – hide and seek.”

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