Lava Legends Winners Announced

Lava Legends Play Challenge has ended and now it is time to announce the winners!

The Top 5 will receive CREY merch. Congratulations to Paduk, L.gutarra, DelayLIVE, Squashi, and Torr3sZIKA!

Everyone who got more than 500 points will receive 500 CREY gold. Congratulations to: Paduk, L.gutarra, DelayLIVE, and Squashi!

And everyone who got more than 250 points will receive 300 CREY gold! Congratulations to Torr3sZIKA, PLARAJITO0. and thegameranimex04! Well done!

Leaderboard Top 10 Players

Future Events And Challenges

To see when the next event or challenge starts and ends go to the NEWS SECTION on the website and look for the latest challenges. If you have an idea for a new challenge, let us know by jumping on Discord and tell us! Thank you to everyone participating. Good luck next time!

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