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The story so far…

Hear ye, hear ye, loyal subjects of the land — alloweth me to introduce ye to our newest prospect in the royal rank of knights: Sir Typhon Brush.

As is the royal decree, Sir Brush must prove his worth before he can taketh his place as a true knight of the realm. A terrible plague hath befallen the land, and it is up to Sir Brush to vanquish this calamity.

What calamity, ye may asketh? Well, the toilets are all backed up.

‘Tis hard to find good indoor plumbing these days.

Brave Sir Brush has been tasked with cleaning the royal stalls, but — wouldn’t you know it? — our brave but foolish prospect hath forgotten his keys to the castle lavatories.

So now our plucky hero must set forth on a quest to find his way into the castle lavatories and complete his royal missive.

His quest will not be easy, because no one thought to disable the defenses and booby traps that surroundeth the castle…

Worry ye not, they’re just… er, sleeping.

Help brave Sir Brush become a knight, and dodge some spinning saws and tricky jumps along the way!

How do I play?

Knight Hop-Hop (a brilliant title suggested by our new content creator intern — thanks, Astrid!) is a 2D side-scrolling platformer. You run, you jump, you try to stay out of danger.

A and D run back and forth, respectively. Space jumps. Hit Space twice to double-jump. That’s it.

You have no offensive weapons (knights aren’t allowed to carry swords until they have, you know, actually become knights), so all Sir Brush can do is to leap out of danger if danger approacheth. (And it willeth.)

Worry ye not about losing your progress, though. The King, in his mercy, has placed a number of checkpoints along the way, so should you stumble and lose your life, you will not have to start over.

Glory to the King and his benevolence.

You will, however, only have 10 tries, and there are no extra lives along the way. If you fail 10 times, it’s all the way back to the beginning, me ol’ son.

How do I win the $1000?

To compound matters, the King is keeping his eyes on the clock. Only the fastest knights can take a seat at his royal table, so you have to complete the game as fast as possible.

There’s a royal timer in the top right corner of the screen:

The challenge will run from Monday, June 13, 2022 @ 12.00pm CEST to Monday, June 20, 2022 @ 12pm CEST.

At the stroke of 12 noon on June 20th, the five top leaderboard holders will enter a random draw to win $1000. Join the CREY Discord to watch this take place live in our #playpen channel.

What about glitches/bugs/cheats?

If you use cheats (e.g. third-party intervention), or if we just see a very suspicious-looking high score, then we’re not going to count your score. It’s our discretion whether to disqualify you or not. Them’s the breaks.

Credit where credit is due

This game is based on Platformer 2D+3D by 4maratsuper4, which in turn is based on our “2D Platformer” template. Don’t worry, we’ve added quite a bit of extra stuff to it. 😉

Massive thanks to our challenge testers JonasBocek and ManEd2047 for their help making this as fun (and hopefully bug-free) as possible!

Boring rules

To participate in this challenge, you must:

a) Be 13 years or older.

b) Have read and agreed to the nearly illegible spew of word salad we call Terms & Conditions.

c) Not be employed at CREY. (Volunteer mods and helpers can still participate, though!)

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