Introducing: Progression System

It is time to be rewarded for all your amazing activity in CREY! Are you a player? A builder? Maybe both? Doesn’t matter. Achieving amazing things will now be possible. Choose a unique path. Discover experience and rewards in a new progression adventure.

Your profile will now display progression and experience level

As the image shows you will be able to follow your experience and progression on your own profile. Obviously you need to have an understanding of how and what when it comes to progression and unlocking awesome stuff. Let’s dive into that.

Achievement Will Unlock Special Characters

When you start leveling up, character unlocks will arrive in your inventory! These unique avatars can only be unlocked through progression. Who will be the world first to reach level 30?

As more achievements will be tied to the progression system we aim to continuously add them as we venture further down the Early Access road. Examples below might change name and description during time as well. With each achievement you will be rewarded with according XP. XP rewards might be subject to change along the way.

Suggestions for Achievements?

The community is what drives CREY. And as such, we want to know what fun, hard or odd achievement you think CREY should introduce. Send your suggestion for an achievement in Discord and let us know what Name and Description it should hold!

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