Introducing our new Player Challenge concept

You didn’t think we’d forgotten about you players, did you? Of course we didn’t!

We’ve been thinking long and hard about how to make our player challenges more sustainable and more in tune with how player challenges and speedruns work out there in the real world.

And we think we’ve come up with a fairly ingenious solution, if we do say ourselves! (Please let us know if we’re wrong.)

Introducing the “Player Pool”

Instead of doing a weekly game with a new challenge each week, we’ve decided to level the playing field.

We’ll have a group of games β€” collectively known as the “Player Pool” β€” and they are all challenge games.

You can play each of them for as long as you want. There is no time limit. All you have to do is beat the high score.

At the end of each month (on the last Monday of the month @ 3pm Danish time), we’ll look at each of the leaderboards of the Player Pool. If someone has taken the lead, then that person is rewarded with a prize of $100 USD (750 DKK).

If no one has gotten a new high score since last month, then… guess what? Everything stays the same.

What games are in the “Player Pool”?

We’ve divided the games into sub-categories. We will be adding more games in the coming weeks, but for now, these are the games we’ll be keeping an eye on:

Shooter games

Platformer games

Endurance games

Casual games

Q&A (because there’s always a question)

Q: What if I had a first place during the month, but someone else took the top place?

A: Doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is who is at the top at the end of the month. We only look at the leaderboards on the last Monday of every month. If the person at the top isn’t the same as last month, then the new person gets rewarded.

Q: How do I claim my prize?

A: We will check the leaderboard status of each of the games in the Player Pool on the last Monday of every month @ 3pm (Danish time). We will reach out to you via the email you provided when you signed up with CREY. Please make sure the email you use with CREY is valid and can receive emails! If that email is invalid, we will try reaching out to you in other ways (e.g. on our Discord).

Q: What are you doing to curtail cheaters?

A: It’s no secret we’ve had trouble with people getting frankly unrealistic high scores in the past. We’ve done our best to stress-test the Player Pool games to make sure cheating is not possible. However, as with any other game in existence, there is likely to be any number of glitches and exploits that speedrunners will find to improve their times and scores.

To be absolutely clear: Glitches and exploits are acceptable. For example, “wall climbing” in Super Mario Kart 64 is an exploit, and if you find a similar time-saving exploit in our games, that’s totally fair.

What’s not fair is hacking or using third-party tools to cheat. We expect players to at least put in some effort to achieve their times! If you suspect someone is using illicit tools to worm their way into the top spot, please DM a mod or @Frost on the CREY Discord.

Q: What if I find a really fun glitch/exploit? Should I keep it to myself?

You can, if you want to. But we do encourage you to share it with the community!

It’s not just about bug-fixing. It’s also to inspire a sense of achievement and camaraderie with your fellow players. I mean, you already got the high score and the reward! What’s the worst that can happen from sharing your secrets after that? πŸ™‚

We promise you, if a glitch/exploit is particularly entertaining or hard-to-accomplish, skillwise, we will leave it in the game.

Q: What info do you need to send me my reward?

A: Rejoice! We are now able to transfer your winnings via PayPal. When we reach out to you, please provide us with a valid PayPal account for us to transfer your winnings to.

Please note that your PayPal must be set up correctly. If your PayPal is not set up to receive money, or is invalid for other reasons, that’s out of our hands. If that’s the case, we will try to work out alternate solutions with you directly.

Q: What are the other requirements for entering the player challenges?

A: It’s (relatively) simple:

  • You must be 15 years or older to enter the competition. Them’s the laws.
  • We will request that you provide verification of identification because, well, them’s also the laws.
  • All territories embargoed by European Union are excluded from the prizes.
  • All tax is responsibility of the recipient. CREY does not take responsibility over prizes taxation.
  • Please read our Terms & Conditions before entering.

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