How to set up monetization inside a game to earn Sparks!

Setting up Monetization features inside a game has never been easier. Let’s dive in on the how to’s.

Setting up a shop

There are two types of shops in the CREY editor and both can be found in the library:

The shop
The shop can be used to sell temporary items (boosters, extra lives etc.) and permanent items (skins, weapons, decorations etc.).

In this update, we have added three community requested features to the shop:

  • Discounts on items
  • Categories for items
  • The “on selected” feature which enables shop visitors to see the items that they are buying on their character before actually making the purchase (neat!).

In this shop, builders can sell items for in-game currencies but not directly for Sparks. To sell in-game currencies for Sparks, the creator must use the Sparks Exchange Shop.

The Sparks Exchange Shop

The Sparks Exchange Shop is a brand new feature. It is where builders can sell in game currencies (gold, silver, diamonds etc.) in exchange for Sparks which are contained in the player’s wallets.

It is the only place where builders can sell something for Sparks: currencies sold in the Sparks Exchange Shop go to the players and the Sparks spent go the builders.

The Sparks Exchange Shop is easy and intuitive to use. In order to have a working Sparks Exchange Shop inside a game, a builder must comply with the following rules:

  • The builder must be registered to the Creator Program
  • The level the builder is making is Multiplayer
    • In my creations, go to “Settings” → “Game settings” → “Enable multiplayer”
  • The level does not already contain a Sparks Exchange shop.

If those three conditions are filled, a builder can effectively use the Sparks Exchange Shop in the library and start selling in-game currencies in exchange for Sparks.


  • Open a new or existing game template for editing
  • In the editor, head to the Library by pressing “Tab” on your keyboard or clicking on “Library” in the bottom left corner
  • In the search bar, type “Sparks Exchange Shop”
  • Using your left mouse button, drag and drop the prop inside the game. At this stage, you will be asked to fill in the three conditions mentioned above.
  • Create a currency by going into the library again and typing “currency”. Drag and drop the currency prop and fill in the details about your currency (Name, default, min, max, current). Make sure you save the currency, to save a currency click the “Saved” radio button on the prop setting screen.

Please notice: not saving a currency will prevent your level from being published later on!

  • Open the Sparks Exchange Shop and add your currency which will become a sellable currency pack. Here you can select the cost in Sparks of the currency pack and the amount of currency you wish to sell in the pack. You can also select a custom image for your currency, we have added currency specific images in the image library (diamonds, gold, bolts, cash).
  • Create a way for users to access your new shop. You can do this by adding a sensor: Search for the “Sensor” prop in the Library and connect ite to the Sparks Exchange Shop. You can also use an input trigger.
  • Press 9 to view your shop in playtest mode. Please note that you cannot purchase currency with Sparks in playtest mode, the transaction can only happen once your game is published.
  • Publish your game (“Game page” → “Settings” → “Release game”) and start earning!

Rules about selling currencies

  • You cannot sell currencies for less than 5 sparks and for more than 10,000 Sparks. A creator can determine their own exchange rate between their in-game currency and Sparks.
  • Naming of currencies: Profanities and harmful language will not be tolerated
  • Sparks cannot drop in negative

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us on our Discord Channel

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