His Eggcellence Top 10 List

The time has come to reveal who is on the top 10 list of the Eggcellence event leaderboard! For 31 days, the event was running and with the participants activity it was amazing to see how fast people actually found His Eggcellence.

The Top 10 Eggcellence Shared Leaderboard

3 champions are crowned, each having found His Eggcellence for every event. All of them found His Eggcellence 31 times! There are shared places as the event counted amount of findings. Not who did it first. Enjoy the list of amazing participants.

Winner Prizes

Every participant in the Top 10 list have been rewarded with 500 bonus gold!

1st place winners update: Since we are currently undergoing changes and tweaks for our awesome future core feature character customization, we are in a limbo regarding a mystery item for the Eggcellence 1st place winners, as it also affects the library and ownership for exclusive gifting atm. Until it is functional and we can be sure to reward accordingly, we will make sure to send an awesome merchandise bundle to the three 1st place winners! We look forward to revealing the future amazing customization feature as well. We will contact each 1st place winner by email.

New Events

We are going to open up a season challenge for a well-known game in CREY. Winners will be rewarded with real money, if reaching the top of the leaderboard. More information dropping in little over a month. Until then, join us on Discord where we always share information, talk with amazing game builders and players and have a look what is to come.

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