Guard Tower Builder Challenge

Will we ever experience a zombie apocalypse? Who knows. Might as well prepare now. The new builder challenge has been revealed. Build a guard tower! You decide what to use and how. Choose your template and get building.

How To Submit?

  • 1: Save the game with the name Guard Tower
  • 2: Release it
  • 3: You are now participating in the challenge

Your Guard Tower = Your Design

As long as it is a tower, you decide how it looks, what it can do and how much it would totally hold back legions of zombies, trying to invade it. And as always, we love to see you share images or recordings of what you build. You can even decide to make a mini game or small showcase.

When Will The Challenge End?

Challenge ends Tuesday the 23rd of June at 1pm CEST.
Winner will be announced Wednesday on the Twitch livestream.
Good luck to everyone participating.

CREY Games

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