Punish a never-ending supply of footballs for a $1000 prize!

Everyone, say hello to Billy.

Billy has grand dreams and aspirations of being a star football kicker. Unfortunately, nature wasn’t very kind to him, and he suffers from what the medical professionals call “rubber legs.”

On the plus side, Billy is also a multi-millionaire, so we shouldn’t feel too bad for him. In fact, he has used a sizeable portion of his wealth to build himself a football stadium full of animatronic puppets and a magic football dispenser that never runs out.

Sometimes he likes to pretend the red puppets are cheering him on. (They’re not.)

Help Billy, the poor little rich kid who grew up to be a very rich weirdo with his own football stadium, to reach his dreams of not sucking so terribly at this game.

Play the game

Click here to start playing Football Great Stadium – Challenge Edition!

How do I win?

You have 60 seconds to kick as many balls as you can through the goal.

You can spawn endless balls by pressing the F button.

Be careful, though. If you spawn too many balls, there’s a chance you may clip through them and end out of bounds. If that happens, you will be teleported back to the playfield, facing the wrong way, and having a chorus line of blue animatronic puppets yell at you.

The game does not record your score between plays, so you can’t keep adding on to your amazing high score. It only counts how many balls you get through the goal in the 60 seconds of a round, and your highest score is the one added to the leaderboard.

The challenge will run from Monday, May 23, 2022 @ 12.45pm CEST to Monday, May 30, 2022 @ 12pm CEST.

At the stroke of 12 noon on the 30th, the five top leaderboard holders will enter a random draw to win $1000. Join the CREY Discord to watch this take place live in our #playpen channel.

What about glitches/bugs/cheats?

If you use cheats (e.g. third-party intervention), or if we just see a very suspicious-looking high score, then we’re not going to count your score. It’s our discretion whether to disqualify you or not. Them’s the breaks.

Credit where credit is due

The Challenge Edition is based on the original game by Duracell_energy. You can play that here.

Massive thanks to our challenge testers JonasBocek and ManEd2047!

Boring rules

To participate in this challenge, you must:

a) Be 13 years or older.

b) Have read and agreed to the nearly illegible spew of word salad we call Terms & Conditions.

c) Not be employed at CREY. (Volunteer mods and helpers can still participate, though!)

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