Final Call: Terrain removal

Hello, fellow game-builders! We are finalizing the last steps to remove the terrain editing tools. If you have previously built a game in CREY by using our terrain painting and editing tools or are currently using the editing tools in a work in progress, we’d suggest finalizing it now, because it won’t be possible to make changes to the terrain later on.


Your game has to be published before the 31st of March, otherwise, you’ll have to continue onward without being able to use the terrain tools to add new parts or make changes to your existing game using the old terrain system..

How this is going to impact your game?

Once your game has been published, you will be able to save used terrain tools in the game design, however, you won’t be able to edit it by using terrain as these tools will be removed entirely from the build editor. If you miss the deadline (31st of March), you wont’ be able to continue to edit your project using the terrain tools.


These changes are being introduced in CREY to increase the performance and loading time of games, both on PC and mobile. It will significantly reduce crashes, lagging and other errors you or your players might experience.

What’s next?

We have recently introduced 3 new terrain templates with different environments: Desert, Mountain Lake, and Winter. All of these templates contain color tinting tools that allow builders to create amazing and creative games in CREY within minutes. Read more here.

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