February Builder Challenge: “Get to Work on Time!”

The premise

Meet Sophie.


She’s just started a new job, so congrats Sophie.


The trouble is, her new job is all the way across the chasm…

… and her car is snowed in.

She’s gonna have to run to get there. But the way is perilous, and she’s running out of time…

The challenge

We have two terrain platforms on either side of the map. The goal is to get Sophie from one platform (her house) to the other (the town).

When you pass the flags at this bridge, a timer starts.

Builders must construct an interesting and challenging time trial for Sophie. It could be an obstacle course, a brainteaser puzzle, a dizzying array of teleporters, or whatever you like.

The only rule is, whatever you build must be solvable in the allotted time.

You are free to:

  • Deform the terrain any way you like.
  • Place any assets or props you like.
  • Change world settings like gravity, physics type, etc.
  • Change the amount of time Sophie has.

We have, of course, created a handy template so you can jump right in and start building:

Click here to start building!


The winners will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Ingenuity – how clever we think your creation is
  • Presentation – how good it looks
  • Gameplay – how fun it is to play
  • Wow-factor – how overall wow’ed we are

We’ll score each category from 1 to 5.

We’ve learned from our Christmas challenge that simply declaring one winner is not good enough. So this time we will not only have a 1st place, but also a 2nd and 3rd.

Ok, ok, but what is the prize?

The prize for 1st place is 1,000 DKK.

The prize for 2nd and 3rd place is 500 DKK.

Note: You must provide valid bank account information to receive your reward. We cannot accept PayPal or wire transfers. For non-Danish participants, we need your bank’s name, your own full name and address, IBAN no., and SWIFT code.


We got a bit of a late start on this challenge, so we’re going to extend the deadline all the way to Feb. 28.

Please submit your creation to the #challenges channel on the CREY Discord no later than Feb. 28 at 4:00 PM CET.

If you’re not on Discord and still want to enter, you can also email a link to your creation to tp@creygames.com


Q: Can I collab with another creator?
A: Yes, but you’ll have to split the prize if you win.

Q: Can it be a multiplayer “level/game/creation”?
A: Sure. As long as the “time trial” aspect is still in, have at it.

Q: Who can participate?
A: The challenge is open worldwide to anyone aged 13 years or older who are registered with an account at CREY. Eligible minors must have permission from a parent or legal guardian in order to participate in the Contest. Employees of CREY, its affiliates, contest supervisors and members of their immediate families, are not eligible to participate or win.

Q: Do you have a terrifying barrage of lawyer-speak I can peruse?
A: Yes. Click here to read our Terms & Conditions.

Happy building!

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