Event System – Mobile

In CREY every week comes with new exciting news! This week we are happy to announce the launch of the event system on mobile! We will be running multiple events on our freshly soft-launched CREY app where you will have a chance to participate, complete tasks, and level up to unlock new avatars!

At the moment event system and new avatars are only available on mobile, but we will shortly be implementing this on the PC as well, so stay tuned and keep an eye on our announcements.

Currently, CREY mobile app is available in early access only in 5 countries: Malaysia, the Philippines, Denmark, Poland, and Hungary. If you are based outside of these locations, fill this form and we will send you an invite to download the app. Keep in mind that the amount of invites we can send out is limited, so hurry up! Read more about Mobile Early Access here.

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