Survive the gauntlet and win $1000

Meet Special Agent Justin Case.

Justin is a star agent, top of his class, but he also has a debilitating skin condition, which is why he insists on wearing his hood everywhere he goes. That’s why both he and his dermatologist are happy to learn that he’s being shipped out to a tropical paradise on a recon mission, so he can at least get some sun and fresh air.

There have been some reports of this tropical paradise falling under the rule of a maniacal contraption-builder/mad-scientist/necromancer-type-dude, and… they weren’t wrong.


It’s up to you, Special Agent Case, first name Justin (has the pun sunk in yet?), to go through the castle, reach the end of the gauntlet, steal the maniacal contraption-builder/mad-scientist/necromancer-type-dude’s gold because — well, it’s not like he’s using it for any good, is it? — and be a hero!


Or, at least, get some sun and try not to die.

Play the game

Play our special remixed Challenge Edition of Escape! here!

Enough lore, please. How do I win the $1000?

All right. The rules of this game are simple: Go through the gauntlet and reach the end in the fastest time possible.

Yes, this is a time trial! It doesn’t matter how many lives you lose, or how many enemies you defeat. All that matters is how quickly you reach the end goal!

The challenge will run from Monday, May 30, 2022 @ 12.00pm CEST to Monday, June 6, 2022 @ 12pm CEST.

At the stroke of 12 noon on June 6th, the five top leaderboard holders will enter a random draw to win $1000. Join the CREY Discord to watch this take place live in our #playpen channel.

Isn’t this just the old Escape! game?

Yes, but — as is tradition around here — we’ve added a couple of twists. Most noticeably, some enemy NPCs.

Now, these aren’t the most clever NPCs ever. In fact, there is a whole new NPC system coming to CREY very soon that is much more clever than this, but it’s not quite ready for primetime yet, so these are just dumb-as-bricks seeker/hitscanner NPCs. They will, however, wreck your crap if you let them.

Allow me to introduce you:

Turret Boi

A reanimated corpse strapped to a bedframe. He’s stationary, but he’s got three turrets to back him up. Don’t keep your distance — get up in this dude’s face.

Tank Boi

He’s big, he’s bulky, and he inexplicably floats through walls because I couldn’t quite figure out collision. He’s slow, though, so you can pretty much just dodge him. Or take him out, your choice.

Pipe Boi

Proximity-triggered floating bastard. Don’t get under him, or he’ll fire off a deadly pulse that’ll send shockwaves through your whole system. He can’t be shot, because no one taught Special Agent Case how to aim upwards, but you can lead him into environment dangers (like spikes) which, fortunately, hurt him just as much as they hurt you.

Other than that, it’s the same ol’ Escape! game… except for a little surprise near the end, but you’ll see.

There are also powerups:


Boosts 15% of your health.

Extra life

You start with 20 lives. Sounds like a lot, right? Hah! Trust me, you’re gonna need these.

What about glitches/bugs/cheats?

If you use cheats (e.g. third-party intervention), or if we just see a very suspicious-looking high score, then we’re not going to count your score. It’s our discretion whether to disqualify you or not. Them’s the breaks.

Credit where credit is due

The Challenge Edition is based on the original game by Gwan. You can play that here.

Massive thanks to our challenge testers JonasBocek and ManEd2047!

Boring rules

To participate in this challenge, you must:

a) Be 13 years or older.

b) Have read and agreed to the nearly illegible spew of word salad we call Terms & Conditions.

c) Not be employed at CREY. (Volunteer mods and helpers can still participate, though!)

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