Early Alpha Update

CREY Moved Into Your Browser

A faster, easier and smoother experience is here! We’re happy to announce that CREY has moved all menus to the webfront. Here’s why: you only have to lau…[read more]

First Iteration of Ranged Combat

The very first ranged weapon is now available in the library. As by both community request and our own roadmap, this feature was prioritized before ente…[read more]

Ghosts Have Arrived

The first iteration of the ghost replay feature has arrived! Battle others as well as yourself, as the ghosts challenge you throughout the game. You toggle…[read more]

A Physics System Is Now Available

The first iteration of a physics system is now available! Tinker with the settings to have things fall down, tumble around, float mid-air, be heavy to move and muc…[read more]

New Templates Help Make Games

The new template was inspired by a community looking to get a setup for side-scrolling platform games. This requests has landed and it’s exciting to see how buil…[read more]

Light Source Gameplay Prop

Let there be light! The omni light gameplay prop will allow you to set great lighting in your caves, dungeons, cellars, houses, forests and where else you think it…[read more]

Speed Boots & Deadly Water

Gather around the feature bonfire and feel the warmth of 2 new features. The Speed Boots pickup was a community request, spawned from the design though…[read more]

“I’m always inspired to create with CREY and have a lot of fun creating games for other players to try”


“CREY is easy and simple but again a really complex engine”


“I just started CREY yesterday and I made my first 3 games already”


“I’ve recently made 2 new games using CREY. I’ve enjoyed making them so I hope you enjoy them too”


“…we highly suggest you sign up to join their beta and get started designing your own game”


“I highly recommend this to people that are unfamiliar with coding, to start making games in a few hours. The whole system is quite intuitive and already offers tutorials explaining the basics for people that didn’t have the possibility of getting in touch with the black magic that is game development”

Magic Wand

Patch Notes

Click the image to read the latest patch notes, you nerd!

The patch notes gathered here covers everything from tweaks, additions, r…[read more]

What’s Next?

A huge thank you to the community for the great feedback! You help shape CREY! We are currently reacting to a lot of great feedback. 2019 is going to be quite the adventure. Our own roadmap contains features, which we hope will bring joy, fun game design and ambitions. We’re aiming to present multiplayer this year. Porting to mobile is also a priority, making sharing of your games reach wider.

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