Drift Nation

It’s time. A 10000 gold play challenge has arrived: Drift Nation! That’s right, it’s time to drift! The goal of the play challenge is to drift as fast as possible from A to B. The original Drifter game was build by Scuden. This is a 2019 Christmas modified version. Drift Nation is about getting from A to B with the fastest time. There will be a slight traffic bump certain places. Apart from that it’s about cutting corners and optimising the drift speed.

Drift Nation is about cutting corners drift style

Winner will receive 10000 gold

1st place on the leaderboard will receive 10000 gold, which can be used to purchase assets from the Marketplace, which are used for building amazing games, contraptions and worlds.

Watch out for traffic when drifting

Good Luck Everyone

CREY Games wish everyone best of luck in the Drift Nation challenge 2019.

This is you sweet drifter ride in the game

CREY Games

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