New Feature: Dynamics (physics)

The first iteration of a physics system is now available! Tinker with the settings to have things fall down, tumble around, float mid-air, be heavy to move and much more. With this feature available, you can now set a bunch a things in motion. From Donkey Kong inspired game design (e.g.: barrels falling down) to marble race, football games, pong, slime ball, mini golf. The list is long and choice is yours. The short clip below is a great example of how physics will now affect the environment. Run piggy. RUN!

No animals were harmed in the making of this scene

So, How Does It Work?

When opening an objects settings menu, you will notice two new additions: Physics Type and Physics Material. Each applies a set of defined dynamics values that you decide. Let’s start out with the Physics Type. Click the Physics Type drop-drown menu. Now choose Dynamic and a bunch of options will appear: Mass, Drag, Angular Drag, Use Gravity and axes restraint options.

Physics Type Settings

Mass: How heavy is it? Higher mass means harder to kick around.
Drag: Set higher to increase movement resistance.
Angular drag: Set higher to increase rotation resistance.
Use Gravity: If turned off, dynamic objects will move on forever once pushed, unaffected by gravity.

Physics Material Settings

Below the Physics Type TAB you will notice a Physics Material drop-down menu.
Physics Material: This is based on the on physics preset properties in the World Settings. Example: You can choose ice from the preset list in the drop-down menu, which has very low friction, making it slide over surfaces more easily. You can make your own presets, making it easier to apply a setting you like, quickly. Let’s have a look at that.

How to Make Physics Material Presets

Adding additional Physics Material will make it easy to apply dynamics to your game, where you already know the desired values.

Open the World Settings menu and go to the Physics TAB. In here you will have a lot of options at your disposal. In here you can create a new Physics Material preset for the drop-down menu. This contains two options: Friction Combine & Bounce Combine. Friction Combine is how the friction of two colliding objects is combined. Bounce Combine is how the bounciness of two colliding objects is combined. It has the same modes as Friction Combine mode (see below)

Average: The two friction values are averaged.
Minimum: The smallest of the two values is used.
Multiply: The friction values are multiplied with each other.
Maximum: The largest of the two values is used.
Here’s a great video from Scuden, explaining how physics work in CREY

Time to Build!

The clip below speaks for itself. There is no reason to wait. Building games is challenging and a whole lot of fun. This cannon fodder fluff is going to the Moon. Time to publish some great games! The clip below is from the new game Bounce Mania! Try it HERE

“Alright. Let’s check the cannon angle!”

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